Weight Loss Program
8 week program created to promote weight loss in a supportive motivating environment that encourages accountability and success. It takes approximately 21 days to reset your metabolism and feel comfortable with your exercise regime. This time can also help establish new behaviours, reduce cravings and reprioritize your life to ensure success of long term health goals. Naturopathic Medicine can help get you back on track, lose the extra weight, and teach you the tools to live a longer healthier lighter life.

Detoxification Program:
Detoxify and rejuvenate your body Now, and feel better than you've ever felt!!!
Naturopathy looks at how the whole body functions together to ensure a smooth flow of energy. Key components of any detox ensure a healthy circulatory and lymphatic system, proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients and offers support for key organ functions including the liver, kidney, and skin.

Smoking Cessation
A holistic program designed to help you become a non-smoker with the help of naturopathic medicine. Smoking cessation can be a difficult and daunting task. It not only involves breaking firm habits, but also requires one to overcome addiction while strengthening will power. Naturopathic medicine uses various techniques to assist you through this challenging transformation.

Bio-Identical Hormones
Dr. Polo is pleased to announce she is now offering and prescribing bioidentical hormones for both men and women.